Cancer Care Gift Basket Mastectomy Comfort


Mastectomy Comfort Cancer Gift Basket-CareGifting
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The Mastectomy Comfort cancer care package is specially designed for women recuperating after a mastectomy or double mastectomy surgery. A collection of thoughtful care products that will help her stay comforted post surgery.

Featured items in the Cancer Care Gift Basket Mastectomy Comfort:

-Two Squish pillows. Comforting micro bead pillows are great items to help after surgery. Also helpful for supporting the chest, back and neck while resting and healing. The squishy pillows are very comfortable and practical even when a full recovery is made!

-Journal- Fine hardcover journal for keeping track of medications, doctor appointments or for writing thoughts and feelings.

-Beverage container- an especially useful item for taking in enough fluids after a surgical procedure.  Handy for keeping at the bedside for dry mouth and medications.

-Comfy socks- These are wonderful for keeping feet warm when recovering at home or the hospital.

-Tote Bag- Items arrive gift wrapped in an eco-friendly reusable tote bag. 

A thoughtful and comforting gift for any woman who has had a mastectomy or double mastectomy. This cancer care gift basket for mastectomy includes useful items for pain management, swelling, comfort and more.

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