Get Well Care Gift Basket Magazines


Men's Magazine After Surgery Gift Basket-CareGifting
  • $ 55.00

Help alleviate boredom after surgery with this get well care package full of the latest magazines!  

 Featured items in the Get Well Care Gift Basket Magazines:

  • Three magazines- of your choosing (or specify in "check out comments" which magazines to include in the gift).  Can be tailored to a woman, man or teen.
  • Crossword or Sudoku Puzzle Book- keep them busy for hours with a Sudoku or Crossword puzzle book. 
  • Playing cards- Rummy, Poker, Go Fish the opportunities to fight boredom are endless with a simple deck of cards.   Playing partner not included. 
  • Tote bag- so they can tote around all these fun, useful gifts that will keep them busy when the TV remote batteries die.  

 A thoughtful and comforting care package for any man, woman or teen to enjoy as part of their get well soon. This care package includes useful items that will keep them occupied as they feel better soon. 

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