Ginger Rescue Cancer Patient Care Gift Basket


Ginger Rescue Cancer Patient Gift Basket-CareGifting
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A unique and thoughtful cancer patient care package from CareGifting. Send someone you care about wellness products to help them cope during cancer chemotherapy treatment.  This cancer care package was designed to help with nausea and comfort during chemo treatments or after a cancer surgery. 

Featured items in the Cancer Care Gift Basket Chemo Rescue:

- Ginger Soother- a unique beverage made with prized Chinese yellow ginger, honey, lemon and natural flavor. Ginger is said to soothe the throat and stomach, warm the internal organs, and ease nausea and ailments from colds to headaches. And that’s not even the best! Ginger is also a powerful antioxidant with over 12 constituents said to be superior to vitamin E. And it helps neutralize free radicals, widely recognized as being a common cause of inflammation. 
Add a bottle of ginger soother to your after surgery gift, get well gift, pregnancy gift, or gift for a friend battling cancer to help relieve nausea and soothe the tummy.

- Comfy socks- to keep the feet warm and comfortable

Moisturizer- to help with dry hands and skin

- Unscented Soap- to cleanse and moisturize delicate skin, unscented

- Lip Balm- to keep lips hydrated during recovery, unscented

Beverage cup- for easy access to liquids to help stay hydrated, especially during chemo treatments.

-Hand wipes and tissues are always needed close by

-Tote bag for magazines, journals

There are several key items that make this special to the chemo patient and they will think you are brilliant for knowing! 

    1. Tote bags are simply more useful than baskets.
    2. Ginger Soother and Ginger Chews for nausea. A MUST HAVE.
    3. No one ever things about socks for chemo treatment, until they get them in a gift and realize what a life saver they are.  Cold hands and feet caused by nausea and body temperature fluctuations make this item so handy. 
    4. The beverage cup can be used as a travel mug before and after treatments.
    5. Lip balm for dry parched lips is so helpful.  Having something with a light to no scent is especially pleasing.


Send this helpful care package as a get well gift, after surgery gift, cancer gift, new mom gift, hospital gift, recovery gift. Included gifts do not contain any cancer related naming or messaging.  A thoughtful and comforting gift for any man, woman or child undergoing chemotherapy as part of their treatment. This care package includes useful items for days of treatment, nausea relief, comfort and more.

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