Get Well Gift Basket for Men Deluxe


Get Well Gift Basket Men Deluxe Comfort-CareGifting
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Best Selling Get Well Gift Basket for Men!  If you want to make him happy while he is sick or recovering, look no further.  Our best selling Men's Deluxe Get Well Gift Basket has the best gifts to help him stay comfortable at home, after surgery, accident, sport injury or cancer treatment. A care package filled with personalized gift ideas to help him stay comforted, relieve boredom and stay healthy!  

Featured items in the Get Well Gift Basket Men Deluxe:

  • Soap- All Natural natural bar soap to keep his hands clean and free of germs.  Also great for shower or bath time.
  • Lotion- All natural body lotion to help his skin stay soft and moisturized.  Especially handy for post surgery skin care.  A gift item he would probably never think about asking for, but totally needs.
  • Lip Balm- great for keeping lips moist and hydrated.  He will keep it handy at all times.  
  • Journal/Puzzle Books- Great for keeping medications amounts, doctors appts, sketching or writing.  Puzzle Books keep his brain active and help with reasoning and recognition.
  • Socks- Super-soft socks to keep his feet warm and cozy.  Bamboo socks help with moisture control and is a unique gift idea he will really appreciate!
  • Arnicare- Scent free Homeopathic Arnicare cream to help heal and soothe aching muscles and  joints. Bruising be gone, this stuff is a miracle worker on bruises. 
  • Gift Card- $15 gift card of your choosing.  He can rock out, chill out or even netflix out!  Enough cash on this card to get him a few movies, nice ebook or tunes for days!
  • Beverage Container- Large beverage container is a must have item to help him stay hydrated.  We recommend coconut water to replenish electrolytes after illness or surgery.
  • Two Magazines- If he's into sports, let us know we can select the magazines he might like.   Don't forget to specify your choice of men's magazines like Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Golf, Business Week in the comments at checkout.
  • Snacks- Healthy snack items including all natural energy bar, fine green tea, nuts and organic chocolate.  No beer, no potato chips and no wings in this care package for guys!
  • Tissues & Wipes- Antibacterial hand wipes and facial tissues.  He would never ask for them but they will probably be the most used item on the bedside table.
  • Tote Bag- reusable sporty tote bag so he doesn't have to carry all this around in a wicker basket, that would just be un-cool.

A thoughtful and comforting care package for an amazing guy when he is sick, just had surgery, injured or when he needs to know how much you care.


Get Well Gift Basket Men Product Review

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A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ I ordered the CareGifting a "Get Well Gift Basket Men Deluxe" for my boyfriend after his surgery. All I can say is, this website and the CareGifting staff are AMAZING!!!!! They helped me so much to make the gift for my boyfriend so very special and they were also was so lovely and caring and checked the items with me if everything was fine or if I've another wish. Even my extra wishes were NO problem at all and they got a special basketball magazine that I wanted for my basket. Everything was arranged and wrapped so BEAUTIFUL and I'm extremely happy with the completely order and service. I'll definetley order again and tell all my friends about Caregifting. THANK YOU SO MUCH. " --Marcella, CA

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