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A popular get well care package blanket gift basket suitable to send to a man or woman.  Blanket care gifts send a message of comfort to a friend or loved one, and have many practical uses for at home or in the hospital.

Featured items in this  include:

--The gift that will keep on giving, outlast any bouquet of flowers and wrap someone in good thoughts and a warm hugs each and every day! Soft, soothing to the touch blankets can sometimes help patients with their mental and physical recovery. We've had customers say these blankets made them feel at home, secure and had healing powers!

--A hydrating body lotion that will leave your skin moisturized and smooth! Fortified with vitamin E, cocoa butter and Aloe Vera for healing and ultra moisturizing; Sulfate-Free Paraben-Free Gluten-Free With Certified Organic Ingredients

--Socks with sticky treads are a must have for anyone who is in the hospital or at home post surgery. The sticky bottoms help with slippage on wood or cement floors. Post surgery walking is a must to assist in recovery and getting the body moving. Having socks that don't slip assist the patient in their mobility and security. TIP: Adding a little moisturizing lotion to the feet and then putting these socks on, will help with with cracked heels!

--Ideal gift for keeping doctors appointments and doctors note. Also, writing down thoughts and or feelings in a journal each day has been shown to have a significant positive effect on emotional and physical health. All of our journals come with a brief instructional card about the health benefits of journal therapy, and a few tips about how to get started.

--Proper hydration is essential for post surgery healing and wound care as it assists in every stage of wound healing. A large beverage cup can be used to hold warm or cold beverages after surgery. Once they feel better this water bottle is great to keep the body firing on all cylinders during recovery and once workouts or back to work begins again.

--A unique and large tote bag to hold all these healing after surgery gifts. Keep it bedside for easy access or by the tv. Add a few magazines or crossword books to make for an even better get well gift idea!

Our Comforting Care Gift Basket can help comfort:

  • Post Surgery and hospital stays
  • After Sport Injury
  • Arthirtis and Chronic Pain Sufferers
  • New Mom
  • Cancer Patients

 A soft blanket is the #1 get well gift that patients request after a surgery and for get well.  Nothing says "Feel Better Soon" than a cozy blanket or a big hug!



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