Mircobead Squish Pillow

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Many customers have called or written to tell us how our Microbead Squish Pillow was one of the best post surgery gifts they received. We find it amazing and comforting to know that something so little can make such a difference in someone's recovery. After reading some of these reviews it makes us realize that our shoppers are catching on to what we have been saying for so many years, "send smart, send healthy, send a unique caring gift of health and wellness". Take a few moments to read what our senders and receivers had to say.

Customer Testimonial Just wanted to let you know my uncle received his package, he was very pleased. His wife said they have used the pillows and were very happy with the gift! Thank you very much- Penney"

-AFTER SURGERY. These microbead squish pillows are great after surgery, I had one for my arm that was in a cast. It "squished" and conformed to lend just the right amount of support.

-DOUBLE MASTECTOMY SURGERY. My two microbead pillows were a lifesaver after surgery. I used them to help cushion my chest for more comfortable sleeping and resting.

-HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY. Ordered my squish pillow before hip replacement surgery so that I would be ready to help cushion underneath my hips after surgery.

-KNEE SURGERY.The squish pillow helped with the pain and reduced the swelling in my knee, it was also bright, cheery and lifted my spirits. A true pain saver and the best gift I ever received after surgery.

-RHINOPLASTY SURGERY. I received your "yellow" squish pillow after having Rhinoplasty surgery. The squish pillow did a great job at helping to keep my head in a slightly elevated position during post-op, which is what the doctor recommended to help minimize my swelling. It was very comfortable, more so than my regular pillow as it had just the right amount of "give" to it.

-ACL SURGERY I was looking for an after surgery gift basket for an athlete and came across your wonderful site. What a life saver you have been! I called your customer service dept and they quickly and easily enabled me to customize the After Surgery Gift-Sport gift basket to have two squish pillows instead of one. My son just had ACL Surgery and his doctors required him to keep his leg propped with 1 or 2 small pillows. I placed one squish pillow under his foot and another under his calf muscle and they provided just the right amount of elevation so his knee was kept straight. He loved the snacks and balms that were included as well.

-MALE GIFT FOR HOSPITAL.Wow, I have never been able to give my Dad anything he really liked but he LOVED your After Surgery Gift Plus gift basket. I sent my Dad this gift after looking at what seemed like an eternity at 100's of other gift basket companies and I must sing your praises and tell you that your gift baskets are what everyone needs to send to someone who is in the hospital, especially a man in the hospital which my Dad loved by the way and he's 60! His favorite items were the squish pillow, Beverage Container Bamboo Socks and the 300 page Word Search book that you allowed me to add, he spent days with that book! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, from me and my Dad.

-ROOT CANAL.I used my microbead squish pillow to rest my head on after a double-root canal. It didn't hurt my face at all. I told me dentist he should recommend these to his patients.

A CareGifting Microbead Squish pillow is the perfect size for home or away, even plane travel! "Squish" pillows are a comforting, practical and always unique gift. A favorite with our CareGifters!

Size: 13" x 7"

If your looking for the best care packages to send, our thoughtful and unique gifts will comfort someone when they are sick, help make surgery, recovery faster, ease a cancer patients chemo nausea, and make life just a little easier.

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