Healthcare Ideas for Get Well and Post Surgery

Arthritis- Do you suffer from arthritis pain and joint stiffness?Curcumin is getting more visibility in natural health care circles. Circumin has been found to be effective for treating arthritis. Curcumin is a substance in the spice turmeric. People who have taken curcumin showed significant reductions in joint tenderness and swelling. Talk to your doctor or research how Curcumin can help arthritis.

Muscle Cramps- muscle cramps can be intensely painful and their exact cause is not known. If you experience frequent muscle cramping after surgery, during sports or when resting, talk to your doctor about getting more magnesium, omega 3 fatty acides, vitamin e and niacin in your diet. You can also try an organic muscle rub to soothe cramping. We offer an all natural product that warms the muscles naturally with arnica.

Vitamin D-- Are you deficient? Take 2,000 IU or more of Vitamin D daily to support sufficient levels. Ask your doctor for a simple blood test to determine your vitamin D status. A blood concentration of less than 20 ng/ml of 25(OH)D is insufficient. Read here about what an important part Vitamin D plays in your overall health.

Complex Vitamins-The B-Complex vitamins are vitally important to our health and longevity. Without them we cannot produce energy;assimilate the many nutrients from our food; produce the brain chemicals we need to learn, remember, and support healthy mood aging of the brain; and maintain a strong and healthy heart and system of blood vessels.

Wound Healing-Vitamin A not only helps to strengthen the immune system but also promotes would healing and is essentail for healthy skin. It is needed for the body's production of epithelial cells, which line most tissues and the skin, and it strengthens and protects skin tissue. Broccoli, kale, spinach, red bell peppers, halibut, and cod are good sources of Vitamin A. For more info on natural ingredients to use when healing after a surgery check out this article <a href="">Natural Healers</a>

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