Gift Basket Reviews

"When you need to send a feel better gift use CareGifting they go above & beyond & always add love! Give 5 Huge stars"
--Jo Ellen, FL

"Thank you for addressing our request. I appreciate your quick acknowledgement; another reason why we like dealing with your organization."
--Laura, NY

"As always perfect perfect."
--LJ, FL

"Thank you so much, again, for following up. You guys are always great with the personal touch!"
--Lindsey, NY

"Just wanted to let you know my uncle received his package, he was very pleased. His wife said they have used the pillows and were very happy with the gift! Thank you very much"
--Penney, IL

"She loved her gift basket!"
--Susan, WA

"Thank you so much for your service and for the personal touches. My girlfriend loved the gift basket an is feeling much better. I'm half way around the world and can't be there to take care of her. I'm glad you gave me a way to do that."
--Ryan, MA

"When you need to send a feel better gift use CareGifting they go above & beyond & always add love! Give 5 Huge stars"
--Jo Ellen, FL

"If you have someone who needs a pick me up, coming home from hospital goodies to feel better CareGifting is the one to call!"
--Jody, FL

"Wow, you guys are amazing! I so appreciate the effort you went to on this. What extraordinary customer service!"
--Blessings-Sheryl, CA

"I'm pleasantly surprised by your speedy response and accommodation. It speaks well of you and your company.
I got a pop up window that said coupons couldn't be applied, so I didn't attempt. I thought I'd get a chance to add the magazine at the end. I realized later I should've added it separately. I'd like to add an Entertainment magazine, thank you! Thank you for your excellent service. I'll definitely purchase from you again."
--Megan, NY

"Thank you so much for the awesome customer service."
--Andrea, GA

"My friend loved everything!!  And the package arrived the next day.  Thank you so much for your help!!  I will highly recommend you."
-- Rose, MA

"What GREAT customer service we received during our recent order of the care basket! You exemplify exactly what we teach! Thank you again!"
-- Cindy Solomon, IL

"Wow!  This is just fabulous!  Thank you so much for going above and beyond, and for your exceptional customer service!"
--Jodi, CA

"You’re the best and I will certainly recommend you and use you again"
--Lisa, FL

"I recently ordered a pillow from your company to be sent to my sister after her surgery.  She received the pillow today and said that it has been wonderful.  Thank you so much!"
--Lori, TX

" Wonderful gift basket. Happy to have discovered this on the web."
--Lisa, CA

"Thanks again for your help. You made it easy for me to send a present from Australia. Take care."
--Lauren, AU

"Your customer service is AMAZING! Thank you a thousand times over for going above and beyond to help me choose the perfect get well gift for my boss. You just don't find caring customer service like this anymore. I am so happy I found your company. "
--Michelle, CA

"THANK YOU for the amazingly fast service on our order.  My boss just e-mailed to let me know she received her gift – just about 24 hours after I placed the order – and she loves it.  We should all pamper ourselves from time to time but especially after surgery, so I was so pleased to find your website with its “care packages” online; you had an option that looked perfect for our recipient, and she seems very pleased. I truly appreciate the quick service and will definitely order from you again.  Thank you very much!"
 --Nan, NY

"My friend loved her gift!!I placed the order last week and it arrived yesterday. I'm glad I discovered your website!"
--Edda, CA

"I wanted to thank you again for all your help.  Becca received the package and loved everything!"
--Pam, CT

"The package arrived on Saturday, and was greatly appreciated, especially the socks!  Here’s the note:
“OH! thank you so much for my package. Lots of fun little things to explore and help to make me feel better. I especially loved the lavendar sockies! My toes get SO cold! Thank you so much for thinking about me!"
Thank you so much - the choice of merchandise is fantastic and you were just so helpful."
--Christina, AU

"I think this goes without saying, but your gifts are amazing!!  I can't wait to hear how our receipients like them. :-)"
--Jaclyn, NJ

"My sister-in-law loved the cancer gift basket that was sent to her. I will keep this website in my favorites! Many thanks."
--Charmaine, CA

"Thank you for your FANTASTIC service and accommodations! The pictures you sent of the custom gift basket I created were great. I thank you for the “extra thoughts, gift and care” you took in the preparation of this very special gesture. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with you and learning about your business.
I think your business is a “HEAVEN SENT” concept and I trust a HUGE SUCCESS for YOU and OTHERS.
God Bless.
--Danamarie, KS

I ordered and created at Caregifting a "Get-Well-Basket" for my boyfriend after his surgery. All I can say is, this website and the care gifting staff are AMAZING!!!!! They helped me so much to make the gift for my boyfriend so very special and they were also was so lovely and caring and checked the items with me if everything was fine or if I've another wish. Even my extra wishes were NO problem at all and they got a special basketball magazine that I wanted for my basket. Everything was arranged and wrapped so BEAUTIFUL and I'm extremely happy with the completely order and service. I'll definetley order again and tell all my friends about Caregifting. THANK YOU SO MUCH. "
--Marcella, CA

"Wonderful customer service! Excellent advice and help choosing a gift. I'm so happy now!"
--Anne NY

"Just an update. The package arrived early Friday afternoon and she loved it! Thanks again! I will highly recommend your company."
--Helen CA

"Your baskets are amazing and all of us who receive them get a great gift of items but the love of all of you comes through I felt it myself!"
--Jody VA

"Wanted to let you know that my friend, LOVED her gift! Thank you so much!"
--Lisa NY

"I'm back again! I'm sorry for the reason but I'm happy you are there to help me share your gifts with my friends."
--Kathy MD

"The gift basket/bag was fabulous!!! I love the water bottle and the muscle balm is fantastic! As someone who also teaches Jazzercise part time both of those will come in very handy! You are so sweet and we'll let you know when we need you again and when we decide what we want to send you to add to our packages."
--Hanckock, Engel & Associates VA

"I am very pleasantly surprised by this customer service. While I hope that I don’t have the need to purchase a lot of “get well” / “recovery” gifts in the future, if and when I do, I will be sure to buy from you."
--Elizabeth VA

"This is PERFECT!! What a great find you are!! I'll make sure to use you for all my gift basket purchases!! You are very creative - what a wonderful idea for a business -- you do the things that some of us aren't capable of doing! I couldn't have whipped a custom gift basket together in 3 days, and you did it in 3 hours!! Thanks again -- this really is wonderful. I'll be in touch again."
--Jenny NY

"We are a financial planning practice and often send gifts to our clients that are recovering from surgery or other hardships. Caregifting has been our saving grace! Kelley is always willing to customize her packages for us to meet specific needs of our clients. Here is an email I received from someone in our office after speaking to a client we sent a gift to: "She LOVES her gift we sent her! She said the pillow for her hand is "so yummy". She was very thankful."
--JoAnne VA

"I so appreciate your prompt responses to my emails! Thank you for having Fed-Ex re-route the package to my home address. I am hopeful this will work out and I appreciate the wonderful job you are doing!"
--Susan CO

"Thank you once again for all your help and for making this package so special for my grandpa!"
--Kim KS

"Thank you for all your help and suggestions. Your customer service is excellent!"
--Karen, CANADA

"Thank you again so much for your pleasant service. I will definitely use CareGifting again the next time I need a gift package and will be sure to recommend you to my friends!"
--Kimberly NY

"Wow, I LOVE the bracelets!!! Thank you for the very PROMPT shipping. Superior customer service & I will definitely be ordering more from you!"
--Kim OR

"Your customer service is the best I've ever come across. I am truly grateful that even my small order is being handled so nicely. Unheard of :) I appreciate you."

"Great customer service....I shall return"

"Package received and loved!!"
--Wandi CA

"I work in customer service and so I appreciate you going above and beyond the call of duty. This was just a perfect gift for my friend and I know she will love it. Again, thank you so much!"

"I received a CareGifting package from a dear friend and was thrilled to no end. So now I am spreading the word around. Have told so many people. Did not know you existed. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

"After researching what seemed to be "infinity" upon my computer for a "special" gift intended for the infirm mother of my daughter's tutor, I struck GOLD when I came upon the site, CareGifting. Not only does the gift selection highlight different situations which may pertain to your gifting intent, Kelley Hebb, the owner, is only too happy to make constructive selections to ensure your thoughtful choices are reflected in the finished basket. Naturally, having to send a basket in serious situations is a sobering experience. While that may be true, I can vouch that it's the genuine care and spirituality evident within that company that seems to start the "healing" process the moment the recipient lays eyes on what you cared enough to give. Thanks, Kelley!
If God, Himself, had a gift store, we know who'd be running it!"
--Cheers, Peggy W, NJ

"If you wish to send your loved one in their time of need a truly wonderful gift of love to show you really care, I highly recommend sending a thoughtful gift from CareGifting. Each person I’ve sent these gifts to were truly thankful and felt blessed. It gives them some warmth and a little piece of normalcy. CareGifting puts pride in their gifts they send on our behalf. I hope everyone takes time to see the gifts they offer. It’s truly a sensational gift alternative. (While looking at the gifts available check into the “Wandiful” gift)" --Wandi C, CA

"Man, I am glad I found your site...this is exactly what I needed to send, not flowers or cookies...keep up the good work" -- Charles L, TN

"You guys are great, not the same old, same old "token" gifts. For people who have meaningful, not "token" relationships, you want to send a meaningful gift, especially if you can't be there in person, such was the case with me. And I was so surprised by the free gift wrap, what a nice touch!" -- Miranda P, Philadelphia, PA

"I'm so glad I found your web site, I've got it bookmarked and have told several friends about it! So many gift baskets have food in them, and after surgery alot of people can't get out to "work off" the food in the baskets." -- Carolyn R, Ottawa, KS

"Just wanted to let you know that I love your gifts, focus on healthy and organic, and a pleasant change from traditional options for those in hospitals." - Miriam Z, Del Mar, CA

"The CareGifting gift was most appreciated by my friend who had just undergone a double mastectomy. You have such a unique offering. No where can I find such thoughtful and appropriate gifts for those who have health issues. It is so great to be able to send your CareGifting gift rather than just a card." -- Darleen N., Friday Harbor, WA

"Absolutely delighted with the magenta microbead pillow I just ordered recently. It was for my college age daughter. She had a microbead pillow she had hugged to bits and we couldn't find a replacement in any of the stores near us. These pillows are great for traveling in the car, a little piece of home in a hotel and for someone a little too big for stuffed animals, a nice soft something to hold onto at night in a new surrounding -- like a college dorm." -- Mary Jo C., Millersville, MD

"We had such a huge thank you from our last gift we figured you really know what your customers and recipients need and want. Thank you for your tip top gifts and customer service (and including a thank you note for the recipient is unheard of these days ... that just makes it even more special !!!!) We definitely have your company bookmarked!!!" -- Jim & Cathy C., NJ

"This was packaged so beautifully and came with a lovely personalized thank you card as well as layers of colored tissue paper and a darling doghouse box. I would recommend these folks as a gift giving source wholeheartedly, and this is my second Hot Diggity Dog (my first met with an overly enthusiastic encounter with my Jack Russell), and the product is outstanding. AAA+++!! Thank you!!!" -- Katherine D., Fairfax, VA

"I'm so impressed with this company. They even included a personal note thanking me for my purchase. It's nice to know there are still caring and professional companies out there. I'll definately buy from CareGifting again! Thanks!" -- Debbie S., Moon Township, PA

"Thank you for getting this pillow to my friend's child on time! It is intended for his recovery from skull surgery and it so comforted him before the procedure and after!" -- Cynthia C., Cheshire, CT

"The pillows are great. I sent them to my grandson as a gift. He uses them like a security blanket...(never leaves home without at least one),and he could never sleep without his arms wrapped around them. Thank you" -- Jane C., Pittsburgh, PA

"I just received two of the Microbead Squish Pillows. Last month I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a bi-lateral mastectomy. Sleeping has been very hard as I wake up in pain frequently. I remember getting my daughter one of these pillows years ago and looked on the internet to find one. After receiving these pillows my sleep has improved tremendously." --Roxann J., Monroe, LA

"Dear Ginger & Sandra, Thank you for CareGifting's generous gift of a patient care basket to one of our oncology patients here at Overlake Hospital. The patient we chose to receive your beautiful gift is a female with advanced stage breast cancer... Thanks to your help, we are able to reach out to those patients to ensure they have full access to services provided here at Overlake and in our surrounding community." -- Kathleen Craig, Supervisor, Cancer Support Services, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, Bellevue, WA

"Thank you. This was very nice to have someone like yourselves doing this. My sister-in-law called me and told me about her care package and was very thrilled with it. So thank you again. I will refer everyone to your website. You're in my favorites." -- Ann T., Yucca Valley, CA

"The quality of the item [canvas messenger bag] exceeds the price I paid for it. Shipping was reasonably cheap. When I opened the package I was surprised to see it carefully wrapped in fine tissue paper and had not been damaged in shipping in the slightest (most of the things I buy online have at least a dent or a scratch usually). The best part was that the item came with a HAND WRITTEN thank you note! I LOVE this place" -- KW M., Lewisville, TX

"I give your 'squishee' pillows 5 stars. Both pillows were wrapped with care in tissue paper and looked as perfect as I expected. They arrived quickly. I've been looking for 2 years for them, which is why I ordered 2. These pillows are THE BEST pillows I've found for my neck. Thanks again for a wonderful product." -- Terri C., Denver, CO

"Ginger & Sandra - The pillows were a gift for my very pregnant daughter. The way you shipped the pillows (with very nice tissue paper) made it possible for me to give the gift without having to individually wrap them. My daughter loves the pillows. The only problem is that her 3 year old has appropriated them and won't give them back. Thank you for your time and care with my order."
-- Blaise C., Tallahassee, FL

"Sandra & Ginger - I got a lovely thank you note from my neighbor about her CareGifting bag (that I gave her). She said that it was incredible and that she has been using almost everything on a daily basis, even things that she had no idea would be so useful and treasured! She said that she would cherish each item for the compassion and care it shows. Keep up the good and healing ministry!" -- Suzanne H., Mercer Island, WA

"I want to thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful gift box for our son after his leg surgery. He was so impressed and happy with the contents - everything was just exactly right for him. He was so excited and grateful to have these items. While the casseroles and trays of cookies came rolling in, these gifts were the one thing that really helped. As heartbreaking as it is to have a child undergo surgery, these gifts really do ease the pain. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those who need it!" --Marilyn R., Seattle, WA

"I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. I know I just ordered a pillow but the way it was presented I felt like I ordered a Louis Vuitton purse. I would totally order from you again. Thank you for appreciationg your customers." -- Nicole W., Oakley, CA

"I recently had surgery & while I was in the hospital I received a “CareGift” from my two favorite girls. It was by far the most appreciated & useful gift I have gotten. A book on courage, socks, lotion that is amazing, lip balm, a cup, etc. I am so impressed by your whole philosophy & I will definitely be a customer as soon as I have a need for a thoughtful & perfect gift. Thank You!" -- Paula, Lancaster, PA

"The pillows are fantastic. I get severe headaches and these pillows do the trick in cradling my neck and shoulders. They were wrapped very well. Thank you for a great product." -- Tia R., Middletown, NY

"What wonderful service and personal attention. The card inside the beautifully presented package was a warm fuzzy. We get so used to 'commercial treatment' we are stopped cold in our tracks when a retailer suddenly does what you have done. I will order more from you in the future and congratulations for being a company that exudes TASTE. I will us you as an exemplary example in my high school marketing class." -- Holly S., Three Rivers, MI

"Great transaction! Great customer service! Would definitely do business with them again!!" --Kelly T., Houston, TX <BR> <BR>"Great product - we are really enjoying it!!" --Terri R., Morgantown, WV <BR> <BR>"Hi there,I was so pleasantly surprised at the presentation of my pillow! The personal card and the beautiful wrapping made it so fun to receive, especially b/c it was simply a pillow =) It is obvious you take every product you sell seriously, and no product is too inexpensive to put your company's personal touch upon. I truly appreciated it!"--Britt P., Chicago, IL<BR><BR>"Super speedy service; delightful merchandise; nicely packaged!" --Dorothy P., Camp Hill, PA <BR> <BR>"Arrived promptly. Nicely wrapped with colored paper and label, great presentation. Will buy from CareGifting again!" --Matthew K., Medford, MA <BR> <BR>"They were out of my pillow at the time I ordered, and they were quick to let me know. I told them I had no problem waiting, and when the package arrived (right when they said it would), there was a hand-written note inside. It made me feel good about having bought from them. They seem like nice people." --Greg R., Huntington, WV <BR> <BR>"I received the package promptly, and the product was exactly what was advertised and very nice. But the best thing is the packaging, they wrapped it as a beautiful gift and since I was giving it as a gift it worked out perfectly. Great seller!" --Patricia M., Van Nuys, CA <BR> <BR>"I had excellent service with this shipper! Being so close to the holidays you never know but I received my items right on time and that makes me one happy mother!" --Shawn D, Weyauwega, WI <BR> <BR>"Hello, the microchenille throw that I purchased from your company is exactly what I hoped it would be. Doing business with your company has been a pleasure. Thank you!" - Sandra J., Berkley, MI <BR> <BR>"Thanks a lot. Everything was great. I bought the pillow for my girlfriend for Christmas. She will like it I know 'cause I busted her old one. ha. The delivery was as planned and I got it when expected. Thanks." - Matt V, Ruston, LA <BR> <BR>"Thank you so much for the GREAT microbead blue pillow. The packaging was beautiful and the service was prompt. My son will love it! Thanks again and I will keep you in mind for other purchases." -Sandra W, Longmeadow, MA <BR> <BR>"The pillow came in a wonderful little wrapped box that would have been perfect for gift giving. It also had a friendly little care with it wishing my enjoyment of the pillow. I got the pillow within days of ordering and have been enjoying it since!" -Michelle, Overland Park, KS <BR> <BR>"My wife ordered two scarves from CareGifting. She was very pleased not only with the scarves and their fast delivery, but also with the attractive color-coordinated way in which they were packed, and the hand-written note hoping that we would enjoy the scarves." --Richard L, Arlington, MA <BR> <BR>"Fast shipping... excellent presentation of pillow. Even included a heartfelt thank you card. Best I've ordered." -- Sean T., Fairchild Airforce Base, WA <BR>

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