About Us

CareGifting is dedicated to providing healthy, healing get well gift baskets.  We are unique in the fact that we offer products that make men, women and children feel pampered, comforted and cared for during their healing process.   All of our get well gift basket collections are mindful of allopathic and naturopathic healing protocol.  Food items are selected to be sensitive to dietary needs and we offer nut free, gluten free, sugar free and even coconut free options upon request. 

How do we know so much about creating such amazing get well gift baskets?  CareGifting has been in the healthy gift basket business since 2006.  We started out in Seattle area hospitals and recovery centers, then expanded into the online eCommerce industry so we could have our gift baskets available for anyone in America to send. 

Many of our repeat customers work in the insurance, medical, dental, wellness, finance, entertainment, travel and automobile fields.  They come back again and again to send gifts to employees, friends and clients because they understand that healthy get well gifts are the best gifts to send to the people you care about. 

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