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There's No Place Like Hope

There's No Place Like Hope
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A Cancer gift for women, men and teens.

A Guide to Beating Cancer in Mind-Sized Bites From Vickie Girard’s introduction: "The There’s No Place Like Hope book is written for every person who has ever had to hear a cancer diagnosis. Please know that you are not alone; others have felt as you are feeling and come out the other side stronger. This is not a cliché, this is fact. You don’t have to believe me yet—as a matter of fact, I’m sure you don’t—but it is the truth. By the end of this book I hope that you can feel it for yourself."

There's No Place Like Hope is Vickie Girard’s beloved “little blue book” for cancer patients and their families. More than 100,000 cancer patients have relied on this book to calm their fears and light the way on their journey to wellness. Regardless of the type of cancer, this is an immediate, practical and inspiring guide that will empower any patient to better fight and survive this disease.

“Anyone who has been touched by cancer cannot help but be affected by Vickie Girard’s account…. She communicates the devastation caused by the diagnosis, engages the reader in each hurdle encountered, and shared the triumph with strength, humor and compassion.” —Susan Root, American Cancer Society

“A very straightforward guide for cancer patients, their families and friends—a book that you can open at random, put a finger on a paragraph and gain encouragement and insight every day.” —Joel Granick, MD, Medical Oncologist

Hardcover with a dust jacket 6.5” H x 4.75” W 192 pages

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