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Healing Wishes Get Well Basket

Healing Wishes Get Well Basket
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Looking for luxurious pampering products to send for a get well gift, post surgery gift, cancer gift, caregiver, Sympathy or new mom gift?

Send our Healing Wishes Basket that has a luxurious blanket (color selection varies), comforting plush pillow, inspiring book with stories of hope and healing, organic Stress Balm and a delicious smelling and beautiful large soy based candle.

A heartwarming way to express your healing, inspirational and get well wishes.

Whether a friend or a loved one is sick or in the hospital, this cheerful gift basket will relay the sentiment of your heart. Nothing says "thinking of you" better than a blanket, candle, book and pillow. Especially comforting to send as a unique Sympathy gift.

The inspirational feature book changes but will always be a book that focuses on strength and courage. Book can be substituted for a Journal. If you have a specific book request please note it at checkout, we will do what we can to accommodate the request.

If your looking for the best care packages to send, our thoughtful and unique gifts will comfort someone when they are sick, help make surgery, recovery faster, ease a cancer patients chemo nausea, and make life just a little easier.

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