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Get Well gift cozy hugs aromatherapy teddy bear warmer

Get Well gift cozy hugs aromatherapy teddy bear warmer
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Product Description

Get well soon while cuddling this super soft teddy bear! Warm or chill the buckwheat fill then snuggle up to some healing. Chilling the filling helps with swelling or to soothe a recent injury like sprained wrist, rolled ankle. Heating the filling adds warmth to help with muscle aches and pains from playing a little too hard.

Depending on the get well need, simply place in the microwave or freezer as and in a few minutes you will be enjoying soothing and relaxing dual comfort hot and cold technology Animal warmer is stuffed with 5% lavender/95% wheat

-Sweet-smelling lavender helps calm and relax, while wheat helps maintain body heat -Perfect for helping soothe your achy body parts or when you need a cuddle buddy for warmth during cold nights

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