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Cooling Towel- After Surgery Gift Idea

Cooling Towel- After Surgery Gift Idea
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Hours of cooling with this handy cooling towel, makes an excellent after surgery gift idea.

It's hard to believe a fabric can get this cool, but this amazing towel gets very chilly and stays that way for hours.

How does it work? It is very simple; evaporation is the process of turning liquid to gas. As the water evaporates, the gas becomes cool. The special fabric inhibits evaporation, channeling the gas back inside the fabric rather than letting it escape. The towel feels dry but very, very cool. When it no longer feels cool, the fabric simply needs to be waved to reactivate the water molecules.

- reusable - no refrigeration - machine washable - comes in a keep fresh pack - eco-friendly - chemical free - tonsillectomy gift idea - post surgery gift idea - gift for golfer or sporty athlete who's been injured - breast surgery gift idea

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