Get Well Care Gift Basket Sudoku


Get Well Gift Basket Sudoku-CareGifting
  • $ 50.00

What do you do to make someone’s recovery after surgery or get well soon more comfortable, more entertaining, and more tolerable? Whether recovering from an injury or an illness, recuperating is meant to be easy on the body, but what to do with the mind when the body is at rest? Puzzle books, magazines, SUDOKO!

One of the best gifts you can give someone who is recovering is the gift of stimulation! This is why Sudoku Gift Baskets make such wonderful get well, after surgery and Sympathy gifts.

Sudoku puzzles are excellent ways to stimulate the mind, pass time, and give the brain a workout. Wishing someone “get well” is fine; but giving them something that can help them do it is even better. The time spent recuperating will go much more pleasantly with the help of this Sudoku Get Well gift basket. We've even included some snacks, balm and a handy non-slip grip beverage container to keep them hydrated. Unplug and relax with a great puzzle book and healthy snack.

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