After Surgery Care Gift Basket


After Surgery Gift Basket-CareGifting
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Send best get well wishes with this popular after surgery gift basket for men, women from CareGifting.

When you need help finding ideas for best get well gifts for men, women and kids.  Start your search with finding gifts to help that special someone feel better soon.  Look for gifts that comfort, heal and show that you are thinking about their recovery. The traditional post surgery care package includes salty foods, loads of carbs and sugar, lotions packed with toxic chemicals and parabans, flowers or teddy bears. The CareGifting After Surgery Care Gift Package is the only one that offers unique, supportive, health-minded, practical, usable, items that work with the patient to promote healing following surgery.  

Featured items in the After Surgery Care Gift Package:

  • Microbead pillow- Great for reducing swelling and adding comfort. Place under knees, leg, arms, behind neck especially after a surgery when elevating and reduced swelling is so important.
  • Healthy snacks-  Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that help the body feel stronger.  These are so handy when needing a little bite to take medication with or as a change up from hospital food.
  • Lotion- for soothing dry and or chaffed skin.
  • Tissues and Facial Wipes-  to help provide the basic comfort items needed while recuperating post surgery.
Items arrive gift wrapped inside a reusable tote bag. 
This After Surgery Care Gift Package can help ease the pain:
  • Following heart surgery, ACL surgery, knee surgery, hip surgery or any other Surgery
  • From Injuries
  • In Chronic Pain Sufferers (including arthritis)
  • After child birth
  • From Muscle Strains and Pulls

Get well gift baskets filled with healing comfort items help to make recovering after surgery, a little easier on the patient . Sending a gift that helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce pain and swelling after surgery is a good choice to make.  This get well gift will show them you care about their continued good health!

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