Cancer Gifts

Now they can rest easy and so can you,  knowing they have healthy, and healing get well soon essentials close at hand.

CareGifting creates gift baskets for cancer patients with their complete health and healing in mind, because we care. We find the best natural health products known to help soothe skin sensitivities, assist with nausea and offer comfort post surgery and during chemotherapy treatments and that is what we include in our cancer gift baskets. No sugary candies, no scented toxic lotions, no products manufactured with BPA or other cancer causing chemicals.  When the body is under attack, send a gift that heals and not harms!  Sending essential cancer comfort gifts like scent free, anti-nausea products can benefit a cancer patients ongoing health and well being. Knowing someone cares enough to choose "healing" gifts during surgery and or treatments,  let's your loved one know you understand their everyday struggles. With that understanding, you have built a care connection.

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