Cold N Flu Gifts that Rescue

Cold N Flu Gifts that Rescue
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When looking for the best get well gift to send to friends or family members who are feeling under the weather, check out our "Cold N Flu Gifts that Rescue" gift basket. This unique get well basket is full of useful cold and flu items that help provide symptomatic and immediate relief from cold and flu symptoms.

We've chosen products that are proven to help ease bodily discomfort, congestion, control cough, and help get them feeling better fast.

This get well gift basket for cold and flu season includes:

-Durable Canvas Tote Bag -Puzzle Book -Cough Drops -Chest Rub -Chicken Noodle Soup -Hand Sanitizer -Thermometer -Lip Balm -Pain Reliever -Fever Reducer -Lotion -Natural Inhaler

Customer Reviews: -I want to thank you for offering your product. My daughter lives on Whidbey Island and I live in Colorado. She recently woke up with a cold and had a grand opening opening of a shop on the island. It is difficult to be a Mom and live so far away. She Was delighted with the package and said it had everything she needed plus it lifted her spirits. Thank you, Irene

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