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Cancer Gifts Men

Cancer Gifts Men
What to send a man who is diagnosed with cancer or going through a cancer treatment? A warm cozy blanket, or a gift card along with the latest issue of his favorite magazine. CareGifting has gifts he can use to help distract, comfort and take his mind off Cancer!

Our cancer gift baskets for men and cancer care packages are specifically designed for those guys that need a little physical and emotional uplifting. We have some insight into cancer care for men, as one of our employees just finished his third round of chemo treatment. After a recent cancer surgery we sent him a few cancer gifts and he raved about how much they helped him feel better. Now we can offer you the same cancer gifts for your men. We know that these unique offerings will help him when undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, cancer post surgery or cancer recovery.

Sporty Basketball Get Well Gift
Sporty get well gift idea for women, men, teens. Includes fun basketball hoop and basketball.
Regular price: $80.00
Sale price: $70.00
Someone thinks Your Awesome
Get Well Gift Basket- Read Relax Recover
Squishy pillows help with comfort and swelling
Men's Magazine
Get Well Bike Lover Gift Basket
After Surgery Get Well Gift Basket
A great gift idea to send as a surgery get well gift.
Regular price: $75.00
Sale price: $65.00
Cooling Towel- After Surgery Gift Idea
Microbead Squish Roll Pillow Get Well Gift
Squishy roll pillows are one of the best after surgery gifts a recipient can receive.
Natural Sleep Balm
Just rub a little sleep balm under nose, on temples or other pulse points. The aroma does the work. Sleepy time.
After Surgery Gift Basket-Sporty
Regular price: $65.00
Sale price: $55.00
Well Care Cancer Patient Gift Basket
Regular price: $75.00
Sale price: $65.00
Get Well Comfort and Warmth
Comforting mastectomy gift without any foods or lotions.
Get Well Care Package
Regular price: $145.00
Sale price: $130.00
Encourage Gift Basket
Encouragement Cancer Gift Basket sends encouragement and support with gifts that comfort.
Get Well Hospital Care Gift
Get well comfort gifts for hospital, recovery, chemotherapy, surgery.
Get Well Rescue Gift Basket
Get Well Gift Basket Men-Super Comfort Care
BEST SELLING get well gift basket for men. Includes best comfort gifts for after surgery and get well soon.
Regular price: $150.00
Sale price: $135.00
SeaBand Nausea Relief Wrist Bands
An all natural cancer gift idea for women, men, children and teens.
Badger Organics Cheerful Mind Balm Gift
Send this cheer balm to cheer them up.
 Hugo Naturals Unscented lotion
Unscented all over lotion is ideal for people with sensitive skin or sensitivities to fragrance.
Unscented Soap
Unscented Lip Balm
Keep dry lips at bay with a 3 pack of our favorite all natural lip balm from WS Badger Co. 3-pack, unscented, .15 ounce sticks.
Get Well Gift Comforting Blanket
Cozy Blanket will give comfort just when and where they need it. Super soft, perfect after surgery gift, hospital gift or get well gift.
Best After Surgery Gift Basket
Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $45.00
After Surgery Gift Basket-Sporty
Regular price: $65.00
Sale price: $55.00
Healthy Snack Get Well Gift Basket
A great assortment of healthy snacks, to send for get well or after surgery.
Ginger Rescue Cancer Patient Gift
Regular price: $65.00
Sale price: $55.00
Gourmet Comfort Food Get Well Basket
After days or weeks of hospital food, delight their taste buds with this comfort food gift basket full of hearty meals.
After Surgery Gift Basket Refresh
After Surgery Sock N Soothe Get Well Gift
Cancer sucks, he knows it, we know it, now let's send him a cancer care package that will help him feel a little less sickly. When shopping for gifts for men with cancer, you can't go wrong with a large comfy blanket, magazine, books, sporty gifts and socks. These are the ultimate in caring gifts you can send to men cancer patients

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