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Get Well Gift Basket- Read Relax Recover

Get Well Gift Basket- Read Relax Recover
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Microbead squishy pillows help comfort during recovery, menthol infused rubs help sore muscles relax and the latest hobby magazine is always fun to read! This is a gift basket that helps with recovery and boredom which are the best to receive during get well soon, after surgery and during recovery. Flowers wilt and die and gourmet food gift baskets are sometimes given away since patients are typically on dietary restrictions post surgery, or an appetite is simply not present during get well. Think short term comfort and care when sending gifts for someone post surgery and or during get well soon.

Our Get Well Gift Basket- Read Relax Recover includes:

-Microbead Pillow-Squishy roll pillows are a needed comfort item while recovering and are great for reducing swelling. These pillows have found a new fan base because their unique "squishable" design provides comfort to patients at a time when they really need it. Patients young and old who have just had surgery, for example, find comfort can be elusive as they often can't move well, are confined to bed and are likely experiencing some pain from the surgical procedure. Because the microbeads move and conform to support nearly any tender spot, aches and pains after a procedure can be reduced.

-Beverage Cup-Proper hydration is essential for post surgery healing and wound care as it assists in every stage of wound healing. A large beverage cup can be used to hold warm or cold beverages after surgery. Once they feel better this water bottle is great to keep the body firing on all cylinders during recovery and once workouts or back to work begins again.

-Coconut Water-Coconut water can replenish the electrolytes of the human body, especially post surgery and after cold and flu. Coconut water is the purest liquid second only to water itself. It is chock full of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, magnesium; everything that is good for you. Low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol free, more potassium than four bananas, and super hydrating - these are just a few of the many benefits of coconut water.

-Sore Muscle cream-Menthol's ability to chemically trigger the cold-sensitive TRPM8 receptors in the skin is responsible for the well-known cooling sensation it provokes when applied to the skin. ... Menthol rubs are great for after surgery muscle and body care as they can temporarily relieve muscle pain and stiffness, reduce pain and swelling. Whenever trauma produces pain, swelling, BRUISING, inflammation, and INJURY, consider applying Arnica. Arnica is one of the main remedies to think of after a bodily injury. Along with ice and or heat, Arnica is also the first remedy to apply to the skin after sprains or muscle tears. ... Arnica is also very helpful after overuse injuries and for bruising.

-Magazine-Magazines are a great source of information and entertainment and help to get the mind of lingering problems or pain. Men, women and kids who are regular magazine readers tend to be the most informed about the world, especially entertainment, business and sports! The subject matter of magazines varies as much as the world around us. The choice of magazine in this get well gift basket is completely up to you: It could be health, education, fashion, movies, technology, science, economy, sports, lifestyle, travel tourism. From our experience women enjoy reading fashion, beauty, health, celebrity gossip and home-care magazines. Men, enjoy sports, technology, cars, hunting, fishing and business. Just specify your magazine selection at checkout, we'll do the rest!

-Peppermints-The peppermint oil in peppermint candy and teas may help relieve nausea symptoms through the effects of soothing menthol. Peppermint oil has been known to have an antispasmodic effect that can help relieve indigestion issues. Peppermint oil can also have calming effects on muscles and may be used to help coat the stomach to relieve stomach cramping associated with nausea and other gastrointestinal issues. Peppermint tea is sometimes recommended after surgery due to its effects on digestion. Peppermint relaxes the muscles along the intestinal tract and can help patients to pass excess gas which may follow an operation. Some studies have also shown that peppermint oil may ease the nausea brought on by anesthesia. In addition, peppermints aid in fresh breath and to help with dry mouth associated with post medical or surgery care.

-Re-usable Tote Bag-A large tote bag to hold all these healing after surgery gifts. Keep it bedside for easy access or by the TV. Add a few more magazines or a crossword book to make for an even better get well gift idea!

If your looking for the best care packages to send, our thoughtful and unique gifts will comfort someone when they are sick, help make surgery, recovery faster, ease a cancer patients chemo nausea, and make life just a little easier.

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