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Get Well Bike Lover Gift Basket

Get Well Bike Lover Gift Basket
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Product Description

Send a unique care package of healing with lot's of special items to help them feel better and recover quickly. This sporty get well gift basket would be great for a boss, family member, friend, co-worker who had a biking related injury or just loves biking but can't do it right now because of illness or injury. The biking repair accessories will give them a chuckle, as they can repair their bike while they repair themselves!

Guys and gals will be delighted to pass the time on the couch watching Amazon videos or iTunes movies from the $15 gift card that's included. The latest Mountain Biking or Cycling magazines will also help get their minds focused on something other than the pain or recovery process.

Items Included:

- Beverage Container

- Comforting plush roll pillow or micro-bead pillow. Colors vary but will be selected based on gender of recipient.

- Sore Muscle Rub

- Sports Socks

- $15 Amazon/iTunes Gift Card(request type at checkout)

- Two Mountain Biking/Cycling Magazines

- Healthy snacks

- Tummy soothing Ginger Beverage

- Sporty bike repair accessories: chain repair kit, tire repair kit

- Injury recovery self helpers: hand exerciser, stress ball, hand massager

- Re-usable tote Bag

Customer Review of this gift basket:

"So there I am at home this past Monday, when a fed ex delivery arrives. Let me tell you that I haven't laughed that much in quite some time. Your wonderful (and very generous) gift was chock-full of stuff that has been really enjoyable. Biking magazines, healthy snacks, a squishy pillow (that my leg is currently resting on), a bike multi-tool, dvd, and of course, the training wheels. The DVD is a film that highlights downhill & some extreme biking. Lots of fun to watch. Even the bag the gifts came in was fantastic, a very stylish canvas shoulder bag that we will definitely use on a regular basis. "

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