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Sporty Basketball Get Well Gift

Sporty Basketball Get Well Gift
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Product Description

Send that sports fan a sporty get well gift. This get well gift basket can help a basketball player cheer up and feel better as they recover. Even a co-worker or employee who plays basketball and received a basketball related injury would certainly welcome a get well gift basket like this.

Get Well Gift Basket Includes:

-Unique and super fun portable basketball hoop and basketball that will keep them in the game even though they can't physically play.

- Plush squishy pillow for comforting injuries

- Warm and cozy Bamboo socks that will keep the feet warm and sweat free during recovery. Who needs slippers...they will never take these off!

- Beverage cup with straw to keep them hydrated and happy.

- Warming muscle rub to heat up and soothe sore muscles.

-Healthy snack bar and nuts to keep energy up and deliver key vitamins and nutrients needed for recovery.

All Items will be included in a re-usable tote bag!

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