After Surgery Gift Ideas Micro bead Pillows

After Surgery Gift Ideas Micro bead Pillows
Customer Reviews: Read what our customers had to say about Microbead Squish Pillows.

--"I recently ordered a pillow from your company to be sent to my sister after her surgery. She received the pillow today and said that it has been wonderful. Thank you so much!" -- Lori, TX

--"Absolutely delighted with the magenta microbead pillow I just ordered recently. It was for my college age daughter. She had a microbead pillow she had hugged to bits and we couldn't find a replacement in any of the stores near us. These pillows are great for traveling in the car, a little piece of home in a hotel and for someone a little too big for stuffed animals, a nice soft something to hold onto at night in a new surrounding -- like a college dorm." -- Mary Jo C., Millersville, MD

--"Thank you for getting this pillow to my friend's child on time! It is intended for his recovery from skull surgery and it so comforted him before the procedure and after!" -- Cynthia C., Cheshire, CT

--"These pillows are great. I sent them to my grandson as a gift. He uses them like a security blanket...(never leaves home without at least one),and he could never sleep without his arms wrapped around them. Thank you" -- Jane C., Pittsburgh, PA

"I just received two of the Microbead Squish Pillows. Last month I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a bi-lateral mastectomy. Sleeping has been very hard as I wake up in pain frequently. I remember getting my daughter one of these pillows years ago and looked on the internet to find one. After receiving these pillows my sleep has improved tremendously." --Roxann J., Monroe, LA

--"I give your 'squishee' pillows 5 stars. Both pillows looked as perfect as I expected. They arrived quickly. I've been looking for 2 years for them, which is why I ordered 2. These pillows are THE BEST pillows I've found for my neck. Thanks again for a wonderful product." -- Terri C., Denver, CO

--The pillows were a gift for my very pregnant daughter. The way you shipped the pillows (with very nice tissue paper) made it possible for me to give the gift without having to individually wrap them. My daughter loves the pillows. The only problem is that her 3 year old has appropriated them and won't give them back. Thank you for your time and care with my order." -- Blaise C., Tallahassee, FL

--"I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. I know I just ordered a pillow but the way it was presented I felt like I ordered a Louis Vuitton purse. I would totally order from you again. Thank you for appreciationg your customers." -- Nicole W., Oakley, CA

--"The pillows are fantastic. I get severe headaches and these pillows do the trick in cradling my neck and shoulders. They were wrapped very well. Thank you for a great product." -- Tia R., Middletown, NY

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