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Best After Surgery Gift Basket

Best After Surgery Gift Basket
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Product Description

Send your get well wishes with a unique after surgery gift from CareGifting. Help that special someone feel better soon with gifts that comfort, heal and show that you are thinking about them during their recovery.

Snacks, lotion, hand wipes, squish pillow, an attractive re-usable bag and more - all added to help a friend relax and to help make them as comfortable as possible post surgery.

The traditional post surgery care package includes salty foods, loads of carbs and sugar, lotions packed with toxic chemicals and parabens, flowers or teddy bears. The CareGifting After Surgery Gift is the only one that offers unique, supportive, health-minded, practical, usable, items that work with the patient to promote healing following surgery.

Our After Surgery Gift can help ease the pain:
  • Following heart surgery, ACL surgery, knee surgery, hip surgery or any other Surgery
  • From Injuries
  • In Chronic Pain Sufferers (including arthritis)
  • After child birth
  • From Muscle Strains and Pulls

  • Gift items include:

    -- Comforting micro-bead pillow. Colors vary but will be selected based on gender of recipient. Great for placing under knees, leg, arms, behind neck especially after a surgery when elevating and reduced swelling is so important.

    -- Assortment of healthy snacks for the patient! These are so handy when needing a little bite to take medication with or as a change up from hospital food.

    -- soothing Lotion (2oz size)for dry and or chapped sensitive skin.

    -- facial tissues and natural hand wipes to help provide the basic comfort items needed while recuperating post surgery.

    Items arrive gift wrapped inside a reusable tote bag. Enter your gift message at checkout.

    You can also add a Men's Magazine, Women's Magazine or Crossword Puzzle Book to your after surgery or get well gift.

    Get well from surgery care packages filled with comfort items make great get well gifts. Sending a gift that helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce pain and swelling after surgery is important to continued good health!

If your looking for the best care packages to send, our thoughtful and unique gifts will comfort someone when they are sick, help make surgery, recovery faster, ease a cancer patients chemo nausea, and make life just a little easier.

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