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Pampering Spa Basket Soak N Heal

Pampering Spa Basket Soak N Heal
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Spa Gift Baskets to Help Put Them on the Road to Recovery

Our thoughtful spa get well gift baskets contain products to help ease their ailments and soothe their mind. From top-of-the-line body rubs to herbal teas for sipping, our spa get well gift baskets are just what the doctor ordered for feeling better the natural way. To revive and refresh a tired mind or body, nothing melts away the day like a nice hot bath.

After the bath, following up with natural body oils or lotions will help to invigorate the senses and clear the sinuses. Many of our get well gift baskets also contain herbal teas for soothing a sore throat and easing the mind into a clear, meditative state. From healing balms to soothing wraps our spa baskets contain everything they will need for an afternoon of pure relaxation and restoration.

This spa gift basket contains a duo of fabulous healing and relaxation products from our favorite organic companies.

From Deep Steep, a calming Lavender and Chamomile Bath Soak that is 100% natural. This calming blend soothes body and soul and leaves skin velvety-soft with almond, organic jojoba and other luxurious herbal oils. Does not contain petrochemicals, parabens or other irritating chemicals.

And, Arnicare Gel in 1.5oz tube (not shown) is a homeopathic gel that made from the Arnica montana (a mountain daisy) which has been used for centuries to naturally relieve pain. Arnicare Gel has a cooling effect for fast pain relief. Quickly absorbs by the skin, non greasy, unscented, paraben-free.

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