Get Well Soon Gift Ideas for Kids

CareGifting offers unique, healthy and fun get well gift ideas and get well gift baskets for children and teens.

Send a special child a get well soon gift basket by mail to a child's home or a hospital to make them feel better. Let children know that you are thinking of of them and that you care when they are sick by sending a get well present to them.

When looking for gift ideas for kids and teens, send kids get well gift boxes, care packages and baskets filled with fun toys, teddy bears, pillows, blankets, snacks, candy, books, clothing, games, puzzles and healthy treats. Our squish pillows are a best gift idea for broken arms, wrists, ankles, or legs. The squish pillow will help elevate and eleviate pain and swelling, Kids also love to snuggle the squish pillow while reading, watching tv or sleeping.

Buckwheat pillows are also a best gift idea. They can be chilled or heated and kids and teens love the "buckyroo" for sleepovers!

Buckyroo Pillow
Cozy Monster
Getting better is easy with Cozy Monster.
Get Well Gift Idea Brave Lion
Get Well Gift Idea Brave Lion
Get Well Gift Basket Girls
Get Well Gift Girls Cute Glamour Girls
Regular price: $9.99
Sale price: $5.00
Chocolate Scented Teddy Bear
Chocolate scented Teddy Bear!
Regular price: $14.99
Sale price: $10.00
Get Well Kids Night Light Snuggle Puppy
Pocket Critters
Get Well Gift Girls Blanket
Kids Get Well Fun Snacks Basket
After Surgery Gift Tonsillectomy
Get Well Soon Care Package
Get Well Gift Basket Child Creative
Tonsillectomy Get Well Basket
iTunes Gift Card App Store
Send a friend hours of music, movies, apps!
Get Well Boredom Be Gone Gift
Cheer Up Get Well Gift Basket For Kids
Get Well Tonsillectomy Gift Polar Bear
Helps ease headaches, muscle tension, stress, or arthritic pain.
Hot Diggity Dog
Perfect size for wrapping around shoulders.
Get Well Kitten
Super soft, cuddly and a favorite get well gift of children and adults.
Penny Pig Get Well Gift
Super soft, can heat or cool, cuddly, smells great, guaranteed to cheer kids up fast!
Tonsillectomy Get Well Gift Puppy for Children
Heat puppy up, sleep with it. It makes sore throats feel a lot better.
Tonsillectomy Get Well Gift Basket Cat
Warming buckwheat wrap helps soothe and comfort after surgery, tonsillectomy and get well soon.
Get Well Child-Warming Precious Pig
Tonsillectomy Get Well Polar Bear Gift Basket for Kids
This pampering polar bear is so sweet and cuddly. A plush warming/cooling buckwheat-aromatherapy wrap, makes a perfect and unique get well gift for tonsillectomy or throat surgery.
Get Well Gift Comforting Blanket Cream Color
Cozy Blanket will give comfort just when and where they need it. Super soft, perfect after surgery gift, hospital gift or get well gift.
Microbead Squishy Pillow Pink
Best after surgery gift!
Yes No After Surgery Gloves
Puppy Love Eye Pillow
Get Well Gift Soothing Eye Pillow
Get Well Gift Idea Bucky's Ultralight Sleep Mask
Bamboo Facial Towels Get Well Gift
Get Well Gift Robe
Thoughtful gift of comfort for a women who is in the hospital, at home getting well after an illness, in a nursing home or having chemotherapy.
Muscle Soother After Surgery Gift
A few of our favorite muscle soothing products -- Badger's sore muscle rub and all natural handcrafted soap from Save Your Skin.
After Surgery Plush Roll Pillow
Roll pillows are a comforting and practical get well gift for after surgery. A favorite get well gift for kids and adults.
Get Well Moon Valley Lip Treat
Hugo Naturals French Lavender Lotion
Get Well Badger Organics Tangerine Lip Balm
Keep dry lips at bay with all natural lip balm from WS Badger Co., tangerine breeze, .15 ounce stick
Badger Organics Kids After Surgery Sleep Balm
For this special kid-friendly formula, Badger Organics chose essential oils that are known to be good for children and are also known to promote feelings of safety, cheerfulness, reverence and calm.
Luck is on Your Side Bracelet
Get Well Gift Itunes Gift Card $15
Kids Drawing Book
Men's Magazine
Women's Magazine
Gift idea to help with boredom post surgery, during get well or recovery.
Inspiring Care Journal
A get well gift to send to send to a recovering patient who is in the hospital. Makes an inspiring Cancer Gift.
Sudoku Book Gift Idea
Send a Sudoku Book as a thoughtful gift for cancer patients, get well and after surgery.
Get Well Gift Utterly Adorable Cats
Get Well Gift Utterly Lovable Dogs Gift Book
Justin's Organic Nut Butter
After Surgery Gift Organic Peppermints
Peppermints make a great after surgery and cancer patient gift.
Ginger Thins Cookies
All natural ingredients create a thin ginger cookie that is delicious and crisp. A traditional symbol of love and goodwill.
Justin's Peanut Butter Bar
Ginger People Ginger Soother
Helps relieve nausea and soothe the tummy.
Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit Smoothie-Kid's love these
A smoothie you can freeze and drink after tonsillectomy!
Get Well Gift Coconut Water Beverage
After Surgery Gift Pop Chips
Get Well Gift New York Style Bagel Chips
Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
Organic Milk Chocolate Bar
Get Well Lavender Spa
If your looking for unique gifts to send, choose care gifts from CareGifting. Our thoughtful gifts will comfort and help make surgery, recovery, chemotherapy, pain, illness or loss a little easier. CareGifting offers unique gift ideas for get well, after surgery, cancer patients, breast cancer treatments, mastectomy and post surgery recovery, sympathy and new baby. Our thoughtful care gift packages will let your recipient know that you send your best well wishes and support during challenging times.

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