Caregiver Gifts

Caregiver's are the special people in our lives who never seem like they need anything but give everything. Give back to a Caregiver with unique gift baskets and gifts that provide comfort, inspiration and encouragement to those deserving people who care for others. Shop our online gifts that will leave a lasting impression of appreciation for a Caregiver.

--Caregiving is the backbone of the American long-term care system: the value of the services provided by informal caregivers (family or friends of seriously ill loved ones) is estimated at $306 billion annually.
--The typical informal caregiver is a married woman in her mid-forties to mid-fifties. She is employed full time and also spends an average of 20 hours per week on caregiving duties.
--The cost to businesses to replace women caregivers who quit their jobs because of their caregiving responsibilities is estimated at $3.3 billion.
--Want to know more about becoming a Caregiver? Check out the FCA:Family Caregiver Alliance

Get Well Comfort and Support
The Caregiver Gift Basket filled with comfort includes practical items to support the caregiver. A soft blanket, natural bamboo socks, hardcover journal and more.
Coffee Lovers Gourmet Gift Basket
Get Well Gift Comforting Blanket Cream Color
Cozy Blanket will give comfort just when and where they need it. Super soft, perfect after surgery gift, hospital gift or get well gift.
Comforting Get Well Blanket Sable
Gourmet Comfort Food Get Well Basket
After days or weeks of hospital food, delight their taste buds with this gourmet food gift basket full of hearty meals.
Get Well Comfort and Support
The Caregiver Gift Basket filled with comfort includes practical items to support the caregiver. A soft blanket, natural bamboo socks, hardcover journal and more.
Get Well Womens Care Gift Basket
Get Well Lavender Spa
Comfort Essentials Caregiver Gift Basket
Caregiver Encourage gift for a Caregiver
For the caregiver who displays infinite grace in caring for another.
Get Well Gift Idea Herbal Hug
The perfect recovery gift for home/work.
Bamboo Socks Get Well Gift Idea
One of our best get well after surgery, hospital gifts luxurious bamboo socks!
Rest and Comfort
Carry On Healing Wrap
 Sun Hat Cruiser
Send an attractive, stylish hat for a cancer get well gift.
Cancer Protect Sun Hat SPF 50
Ipad Holder Get Well Gift
Perfect iPad®, Kindle, Nook, Xoom and other tablet or eReader stand - made from eco-friendly materials. Adjustable to any viewing angle and stable on all surfaces.
Japanese Incense Sampler Get Well Gift
Soothing aroma incense sampler pack. Perfect gift idea for after surgery and get well soon.
Natural Sleep Balm
Just rub a little sleep balm under nose, on temples or other pulse points. The aroma does the work. Sleepy time.
Body Heal Rejuvenating Rub
Cooling, energizing mint and lavender rejuvenate while arnica brings temporary relief to minor aches and pains. Excellent for after surgery.
 Hugo Naturals Shea Butter Oatmeal lotion
Add an all natural, nourishing lotion to your get well gift, after surgery gift, hospital gift or nursing home gift.
 Hugo Naturals Vanilla Orange Lotion
Badger Organics Cheerful Mind Balm
Send this cheer balm to cheer them up.
Comfy Blanket Get Well Gift
Comfy blankets make great get well gift ideas for after surgery and for cancer patients.
Get Well Gift Blanket Brown
This ultra-soft and light throw is a customer favorite.
Surgery Body Wrap by Bucky
Sore muscles, aching head, icy toes..send them a warming Bucky wrap gift. Makes a great after surgery gift for him or her.
Frank Sinatra Get Well Gift Book
A great get well gift for Mom, Dad! Frank Sinatra coffee table book.
Magnifying Glass Gift for Men
Carson's MagniView is a compact, easy-to-use 2.5x magnifier for home, recreation, or travel. Its crystal clear acrylic lens gives you a sharp, distortion-free view and a 5x power bi-focal lens that allows you to see the finest details with ease.
Fav Hymns Large Print Gift Book
Lift the spirit with fondly remembered words and melodies of favorite songs sung at church or home.
Caregiver Because You Care Gift Book
Someone soothed your father's fears in Intensive Care, or held your daughter's hand when she chipped her tooth. Someone brought your baby into the world, or rubbed your back, or saved your life. This book is dedicated to caregivers who deserve thanks and praise.
Gratitude Cancer Gift Necklace
Serenity Cancer Gift Necklace
After Surgery Gift Basket Relax Be Calm
 Mother Teresa Wisdom Cards Inspirational Gift
The Faith, Compassion, and Dedication of Mother Teresa are illuminated in this lovely collection of 50 inspiration cards.
After Surgery Gift Shine Gift Basket
Caregiver Thank you gift book
"Thanks" is a gift book of inspiring quotations on appreciation, gratitude and making a difference. 4 1/4" x 6 1/8", 60 page hardcover gift book
Gift for Her She Book
Mother, daughter, sister, wife. She cares, laughs, leads and makes a difference for everyone around her. Give a gift that inspires, celebrates and thanks her. Gift book in hard cover.
Surgery Favorites Sore Muscles
Great for soothing sore muscles.
 Healing Get Well Comfort in a Messenger Bag
Our "Comfort" get well gift basket includes a fine collection of items that provide comfort and promote healing, and snacks and a book to keep him or her occupied while the body heals.
If your looking for unique gifts to send, choose care gifts from CareGifting. Our thoughtful gifts will comfort and help make surgery, recovery, chemotherapy, pain, illness or loss a little easier. CareGifting offers unique gift ideas for get well, after surgery, cancer patients, breast cancer treatments, mastectomy and post surgery recovery, sympathy and new baby. Our thoughtful care gift packages will let your recipient know that you send your best well wishes and support during challenging times.

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