Get Well Gift Kids-Jimmy Giraffe

Get Well Gift Kids-Jimmy Giraffe
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Keep a little body warm and toasty after surgery or a tonsillectomy. In the summer or when they suffer an injury they can use teddy to stay cool and relaxed. Just place in the microwave or freezer to enjoy hot and cold dual comfort technology. Stuffed with sweet-smelling lavender plus wheat to help maintain body heat.

- Depending on your needs, simply place in your microwave or freezer as directed to enjoy soothing and relaxing dual comfort
- hot and cold technology
- Animal warmer is stuffed with 5% lavender/95% wheat
- Sweet-smelling lavender helps calm and relax, while wheat helps maintain body heat
- Makes and ideal gift to send after surgery. Perfect for helping soothe the neck area after a tonsillectomy.
- Also can be used as a cuddle buddy for warmth during cold nights
- 100% polyester