Tonsillectomy Get Well Gift Puppy for Children

Tonsillectomy Get Well Gift Puppy for Children
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Tonsillectomy Get Well Gift Puppy for Children
We all know how miserable it is to have tonsils removed, whether you or a loved one has had it done. The puppy Tonsillectomy get well gift basket is for those of all ages who need a little something to help them get through the painful days after surgery. Give them something comfy that will ease the pain and help pass the time.

"Dear Grandma & Grandpa, Thank you for the CareGifting things. I love the puppy. I heat it up a lot and I sleep with it. It makes my throat feel a lot better. Love, Caroline."

- Loving Puppy has an elongated shape, which makes him the perfect size for wrapping around shoulders. He is infused with cinnamon, cloves, and eucalyptus, so he emanates a comforting and therapeutic aroma after he is warmed. Whether heated or cooled, he is great for soothing the neck and throat after a Tonsillectomy.

- Easy grip water bottle with built-in straw, an especially useful item when water intake is required for recovery. Also, doctors recommend plenty of swallowing after surgery and drinking fluids are perfect to aid recovery.

- Organic tangerine breeze lip balm keeps lips and mouth feeling more hydrated and fresh. Lips can get so dry with any type of throat or mouth surgery, and this organic lip balm provides long lasting comfort.

- Your Tonsillectomy Gift Basket arrives gift wrapped in a handy, reusable tote bag.

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