Get Well Hospital Care Gift

Get Well Hospital Care Gift
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Looking for a gift to send to someone who is in the hospital? This comforting get well gift idea has all items they could really use or an overnight or lengthy hospital stay after surgery.

- Soft socks provide warmth and simple comfort.

- Badger Organic Sleep Balm helps soothe the mind and ease the stress of hospitals and recovery. Gently aromatherapy oils lightly lift and relax instead of over powering the senses with fragrance. Especially nice when sleeplessness hits after surgery.

- Lip Balm is the for dry-chapped lips. Hospital air can be very drying to the skin and lips. Keep them moistened with natural products that won't dry the skin.

- Ginger People Ginger Chews soothe the stomach and help with dry mouth from medications. You can suck on these, chew on these, add them to hot tea or water. Very delicious healthy snack. Not too spicy, not too sweet and just what the doctor ordered.

- Puffs Tissues are the go to tissue wherever you may be. Keep a pack close by all the time for a comforting wipe when you need it.