Tonsillectomy Gift Idea Soothing Neck Wrap

Tonsillectomy Gift Idea Soothing Neck Wrap
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Product Description

The best gift to send to that special someone who's just had their tonsils removed or is having a tonsillectomy. Pamper the shoulders and neck area with soothing comfort, warmth and snuggle worthy comfort. This soft neck wrap will help them feel better soon and is such a wonderful gift to help them after surgery. Whether you need to relieve muscle tension with heat or reduce swelling with cold, this comfort wrap for your neck and shoulder is the solution. Microwave it for a warm session, or freeze it to apply cool pressure to a problem area, especially good for soothing comfort after tonsillectomy.

- Microwaveable neck wrap
- Freezable as directed on packaging
- Enjoy soothing and relaxing dual comfort hot and cold technology
- Sweet-smelling lavender helps calm and relax, while wheat helps maintain body heat

Perfect for helping soothe your achy body parts, or when you need a cuddle buddy for warmth during cold nights 100% polyester construction. Spot clean only.